The Right Hand of Business


Well, none of them are Fortune 500.  By design.

We are small and like working with small.  

Strong preference for helping folks in Arkansas, but we’ve had clients around the US and even abroad over the years.

"We are small and like working with small."


We have helped companies at every stage from pre-funding through exit/succession.  

Selectively, we’ve done some turnarounds.  

Those can be fun, or not, depending on the situation and the people.


We’ve worked in everything from manufacturing to retail, medical services to fine art, agriculture to technology, even a few mid-size non-profits.  

We do like working with folks who import dollars and make a local impact.


We cover many functions, but more importantly we know when we are getting out of our depth in any category and can find and collaborate with the right resources when that happens.  

If we do what is right for your business, things work out.

"If we do what is right for your business, things work out."

Products & Services

Yeah, we don’t really have any.  

We assess what you need and become all, part, or none of the solution, helping you discover and deploy the rest of the solution.


Folks who haven’t worked with us often think we are consultants.  

If that is really what you want, call someone else.  

If you want to know how we are different from that, let’s talk.


We have a small, broadly experienced staff and a significant number of affiliates that we are proud to include at suitable times.  

We are always looking to connect the best resources, whether staff or affiliate or strangers, to valuable opportunities in the interests of the client.

Grey Williams

Grey Williams has 25 years of experience in business development and economic development across Arkansas. Prior to that, he had a 13 year career in technology, banking, and telecommunications. His education includes a BA from Hendrix College and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Ernie Butler

Ernie Butler has been with Dextera for the past 13 years. Prior to joining Dextera, he worked for 12 years in the securities industry and for 17 years in HR for a global petroleum firm. Ernie has a BA in Managerial Studies from Rice University.

David Vaught

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